Our Environmental Focus

SPI is committed to sustainable manufacturing of green products

Powered by The Sun

Our manufacturing facility has a private solar power system

We have installed 357kw of solar panels at our main production site, demonstrating our commitment to renewable energy and minimizing carbon emissions. Continuously in operation and expertly maintained, our solar power plant demonstrates our commitment to green principles.

Carbon Savings Each year


Equivalent to Planting Nearly


Energy Output Equivalent



Innovation Safeguards a Greener Future

3R Principles inspire our designs and technology

In addition to maintaining profit, environmentally sustainable operation of an enterprise is very important. SPI actively practices environmental recycling and implements 3R principles throughout our business.
Our efficient stacking designs reduce logistical transport costs and minimize material use without compromising strength or function. Cycle+ plastics with Biotransformation technology can be 100%  recycled at source but will biodegrade harmlessly on land if discarded. We also offer our products in fully recyclable PP.

We recover 34% of plastic production waste by inline recycling during packaging manufacture. We increase the sustainable footprint of our tamper evident packaging by using PET trimmings and off-cuts which we melt and extrude as clean pellets for reuse.

This inline recycling allows us to optimize the efficiency of our raw material usage and storage space as well as reducing our carbon footprint further by removing the need for off site shipment of trimmings for processing.


Our designs use less material without losing strength


34% of manufacturing waste is reused in our factory


All products comply with international recycling standards

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