Ultra Clear Packaging

Equal Transparency To PET for Consumer Confidence in Food Freshness

Clean, Clear & Recyclable

The Fresh Look of Ultra Clear Packaging Attracts Consumer Attention

Consumers want to see what they are buying to be sure it is fresh. The freshest look comes from the clearest packaging. PET is popular with manufacturers because of its clarity, and our Ultra Clear packaging matches the transparency of PET.

Fogging and condensation make it harder for customers to see your products and reduce freshness and product life. Our innovative anti-fogging ultra clear technology provides excellent product visibility and protects your packaged product on it’s journey from source to plate.





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PP Performance with the Clarity of PET

Ultra Clear PP from South Plastic Industry - the fresh solution that will exceed all your expectations

Ultra Clear is made from easily recycled polypropylene (PP). Environmentally conscious customers will prefer products packaged in Ultra Clear PP to competing products packaged in PET. Our Ultra Clear PP is as clear as PET and has the added benefits of PP. It can safely be used for hot products, enabling hot-filling & microwave heating.
  • See-Through Clarity
  • Impact Resistant
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Microwaveable
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Easy to Seal
  • Storage Temperature Range 4℃-110 ℃
  • Preferred to PET by Consumers
South Plastic Ultra Clear PP can also be used for thermal-forming manufacture of trays, containers, clamshells and cups. Ideal for hot & cold food applications, Ultra Clear PP from South Plastic Industry will satisfy your needs in food packaging and enhance consumer confidence in your products and environmental standards.

Food Safety



Production Quality Management

Consistency & Security

Our production facilities are maintained to the highest food hygiene standards using the most advanced production technologies. This allows us to maintain high output production volumes whilst maintaining strict quality standards.

Our production management team maintains an extremely stringent inspection regime to constantly verify quality standards throughout the production process.

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