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South Plastic Supply chain integrated food packaging solutions supporting global brands

Packaging Innovation

Latest Technologies To Support Customers

South Plastic is the premier food packaging manufacturer in Taiwan. We support global and local supermarket brands, logistics centers and convenience stores.

We offer innovative features for the food and beverage industry that enhance security and have a visual appeal that consumers prefer. Our focus on easy handling, high product visibility and ergonomic tamper evident closure and locking systems is designed to enhance your product and increase sales.

Our success in package design and disposable food packaging for food and beverage production and manufacturing industry is built on three key factors that have established us as a leader in reliable and cost-effective food packaging manufacture.

We offer a fully integrated service to our customers that adds value to your products at all stages and reduces costs :


Eye-Catching Design


Production Systems


Efficient Supply
Chain Integration

Supporting Global Brands

Extensive Product Range

Our comprehensive range of standard products meet global quality and safety requirements and we constantly innovate to develop new product solutions to meet any customer need.

This includes our patented tamper evident packaging system, biodegradable container options and ergonomic stackable designs.

Quality & Safety

Globally Certified Standards

Our product packages are used by global brands for fruit and vegetables as well as other packaged foods.

The standard range we offer to food packaging companies includes clear, sealed, and microwave safe packaging suitable for dry and wet products from deli containers to party packs.

We also offer two part packages that can be supplied in different colours for distinctive branding.

The strength and stability of our designs reduces or eliminates the need for additional sleeving or packaging, and closure systems do not require tear-off strips.This saves on waste and adds visual appeal.

Supply Chain Integration

Production & Supply

Food packaging services are a critical link in the supply chain of food production and food manufacturing companies.

Our customers look for zero risk and maximum efficiency savings to maintain profitability in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

Logistics Expertise

Meeting Your Deadlines Every Time

Supply chain integration depends on the confidence that processes and systems will be managed efficiently and effectively without interruption.

We have a long history of successful supply chain integration based on our experience working with supermarkets and global retail brands.

This enables us to work closely with our customers to identify the best solutions for their food packaging requirements.

We maintain the highest standards in monitoring, control and management to ensure the smooth workflow that enables our customers to maintain competitive advantage.

Production Quality Management

Consistency & Security

Our production facilities are maintained to the highest food hygiene standards using the most advanced production technologies. This allows us to maintain high output production volumes whilst maintaining strict quality standards.

Our production management team maintains an extremely stringent inspection regime to constantly verify quality standards throughout the production process.

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