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South Plastic supports global and local supermarket brands, logistics centers, convenience stores and food service providers with high quality eco friendly food packaging solutions.

Our innovative plastic food packaging enhances security, reduces material usage and increases sustainability. Our focus on easy handling, high product visibility and ergonomic tamper evident closure and sealing systems is designed to make your products more visually appealing and increase your  sales.

Whether you need microwave safe, ultra clear or tamper proof packaging, we can offer eco friendly fully biodegradable packaging options for you. Our Cycle+ packaging features biotransformation technology allowing it to harmlessly break down in the natural environment.

In addition to our standard ranges of foldable and lidded containers for bakery, deli, sushi and much more, we also offer custom packaging designs for large volume customers, please call us to find out more.

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100% Recycled PET Line

Packaging Made Entirely from Recycled Materials

global recycled standard

We take pride in our extensive product selection, designed for those who are environmentally conscious, offering materials with at least 30% post-consumer recycled PET, and up to 100% for the most eco-friendly solutions.

Our products not only carry the SCS Global Services mark but also embody our commitment to sustainable development. Each item, made with 30%, 50%, 70%, or 100% post-consumer recycled PET, is backed by the SCS certification—more than a label, it’s a testament to the tangible sustainability impact of choosing our packaging.

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Sustainable Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

The environmentally sustainable operation of the company is very important to us. We incorporate the 3R principles Reduce-Reuse-Recycle into every aspect of our business from design right through to manufacturing. 

We also practice inline recycling as a part of our production process which reduces material purchase requirements and also removes the emissions caused by using offsite recycling services.

We minimize the amount of material used in our plastic food packaging products through continuous design innovation while ensuring that all of our products are also 100% recyclable. 


In order to help address the serious issue of plastic food packaging waste we are also now offering fully biodegradable materials for many of our product lines.


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Supporting Global Brands

Extensive Product Range

Our comprehensive range of standard products meet global quality and safety requirements and we constantly innovate to develop new product solutions to meet any customer need.

This includes our patented tamper evident packaging system, biodegradable container options and ergonomic stackable designs.

Quality & Safety

Globally Certified Standards

Our product packages are used by global brands for fruit and vegetables as well as other packaged foods.

The standard range we offer to food packaging companies includes clear, sealed, and microwave safe packaging suitable for dry and wet products from deli containers to party packs.

We also offer two part packages that can be supplied in different colours for distinctive branding.

The strength and stability of our designs reduces or eliminates the need for additional sleeving or packaging, and closure systems do not require tear-off strips.This saves on waste and adds visual appeal.

Supply Chain Integration

Production & Supply

Food packaging services are a critical link in the supply chain of food production and food manufacturing companies.

Our customers look for zero risk and maximum efficiency savings to maintain profitability in a challenging and competitive marketplace.

Logistics Expertise

Meeting Your Deadlines Every Time

Supply chain integration depends on the confidence that processes and systems will be managed efficiently and effectively without interruption.

We have a long history of successful supply chain integration based on our experience working with supermarkets and global retail brands.

This enables us to work closely with our customers to identify the best solutions for their food packaging requirements.

We maintain the highest standards in monitoring, control and management to ensure the smooth workflow that enables our customers to maintain competitive advantage.

Plastic Food Packaging Manufacturer

South Plastic is committed to providing the most sustainable products to our global food packaging customers :
  • We only manufacture 100% recyclable plastics
  • We do not use PFAS in our products
  • We offer biodegradable plastic options

Production Quality Management

Consistency & Security

Our production facilities are maintained to the highest food hygiene standards using the most advanced production technologies. This allows us to maintain high output production volumes whilst maintaining strict quality standards.

Our production management team maintains an extremely stringent inspection regime to constantly verify quality standards throughout the production process.

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