Biodegradable Plastic Packaging Reduces Single Use Ultra Clear Packaging Woes

Ultra Clear Cycle+ recyclable & biodegradable plastic packaging provides an effective way for producers to respond to emerging legislation

Biodegradable Ultra Clear Reduces Single Use Packaging Woes

EU Has Already Banned Single Use Plastics

The EU implemented a ban on many single use plastics on July 2nd 2021. The EU definition of single use is: a product that is made wholly or partly from plastic and that is not conceived, designed, or placed on the market to be used multiple times for the same purpose. Initially the EU focus is on cutlery, plates, straws and containers made of expanded polystyrene, but what is next?

Planned Restrictions on All Single Use Plastic Food Packaging

In the UK legislation is also being prepared to ban single use plastics, this is part of a public consultation that includes plastic food and beverage containers of all types, not only ones made of expanded polystyrene. The UK is leading other nations by introducing Extended Producer Responsibility for packaging and packaging waste.

Producer Pays Legislation for Waste Management

It may seem to food manufacturers who use other forms of plastic packaging that this is not a problem, but governments are moving worldwide to extend the restrictions on single use packaging using ‘producer pays’ models to shift responsibility for sustainable waste disposal from the customer to the supplier.

Exemptions For Recyclable & Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

These new proposals are intended to reduce the volume of ‘hard to recycle’ materials being placed on the market by charging producers with the cost of recycling. Materials containing a significant proportion of recycled materials, and those that are easily recyclable or biodegradable may be exempt or be charged at a reduced rate as part of these proposals.

Future-Proof Plastic Packaging

Biodegradable Ultra Clear Reduces Single Use Packaging Woes

South Plastic offers a unique solution to environmentally responsible packaging that anticipates the increasingly tough legislation facing the food manufacturing industry. Our Ultra Clear Cycle+ food packaging products are available in plastics that meet every practical requirement while also being both biodegradable and recyclable.

  • See-Through Clarity
  • Impact Resistant
  • Fully Recyclable
  • Microwaveable
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Easy to Seal
  • Storage Temperature Range 4℃-110 ℃

Recyclable PP With the Transparency of PET

A major innovation in our development of Ultra Clear Cycle+ packaging has been the development of a PP formula that is as clear as PET plastics. PET is prized for its transparency, making it a popular choice for food packaging, but PP has many advantages over PET as an easily recyclable high performance plastic.

Our technological advance in manufacturing clear PP enables direct substitution for less sustainable PET alternatives and is a hit with consumers, who are concerned about the impact on the environment of microplastics, which mostly arise as by-products of discarded PET.

Save Energy & Material With PP Packaging

Mr Tosho Wang, President of South Plastic International says that “by using additives, we are able to thermoform our products at a lower processing temperature, which allows us to reduce our energy use. At the same time, these additives allow SPI to produce a thinner PP lid without affecting rigidity, which in turn helps to reduce plastic usage while increasing output.”

Ultra Clear PP requires less manufacturing energy and uses less material without sacrificing strength and functionality. South Plastic can manufacture containers of the same capacity and strength at a significantly lower cost to the environment.

Fully Biodegradable Ultra Clear Cycle+

Biodegradable Ultra Clear Reduces Single Use Packaging Woes

Not only is our range of Ultra Clear PP lighter, stronger, as clear as PET, and fully recyclable, by including Cycle+ additives it becomes completely biodegradable in the natural environment. Cycle+ is the future of biodegradable plastic packaging technology.

  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Demonstrate High Ethical Standards
  • Positive Environmental Impact

Unlike previous attempts to manufacture biodegradable plastic packaging, which are often not genuinely biodegradable and also suffer from quality and performance problems, Cycle+ does not affect the performance of food packaging manufactured using this revolutionary additive, and it demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of sustainable manufacturing.

  • Same Product Performance & Function
  • Use Existing Supply Chain & Manufacturing Process
  • Easy Implementation

Cycle+ plastics break down naturally in the environment into harmless wax after a pre-programmed time has passed, but retain full strength and utility until this happens. Cycle+ uses Biotransformation™ technology to achieve this without requiring specialist processing or treatments. Supply chain and manufacturing processes are unaffected by adopting Cycle+ technology.

Fully Tested & Approved For Food Quality Standards

Ultra Clear Cycle+ also meets or exceeds global quality standards for food contact packaging as well as standards for biodegradation, including toxicity testing to ensure that it breaks down harmlessly in the natural environment.

  • FDA & EU Approved Food Contact Biodegradable Plastic Packaging
  • Compliance With Biodegradation Standards
  • Eco-Toxicity Tested

Sustainable Food Packaging In A Single Step

Biodegradable Ultra Clear Reduces Single Use Packaging Woes

Contact us at South Plastic to discuss how our revolutionary Ultra Clear Cycle+ technology will meet your needs for environmentally friendly biodegradable plastic food packaging. Discover how our innovative technology can future-proof your food packaging against the potential impacts of new and emerging legislation with a genuinely sustainable solution.


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