National restaurant Association NRA Show 2023 Chicago

The national restaurant association show NRA Show 2023 will be help in Chicago at McCormick Place from 20-23 May 2023.

The food and catering industries have had an incredibly challenging time for the last few years with many parts of the industry simply coming to a complete halt. Now the industry is back on track and  this will be a great opportunity for the industry to showcase its’ best and greatest products.

Plastic food packaging companies have been especially in focus in recent months due to the huge pressure on the industry to improve its work in the areas of sustainability and biodegradable products to protect the environment in general and especially to tackle the difficult issue of marine plastic waste.

The national restaurant association exhibition NRA show 2023 will be an opportunity for many companies to find new packaging solutions that help them to meet the pressing regulatory demands that have already been imposed on the industry as well as safeguarding brand reputations by getting ahead of the curve in moving towards more sustainable packaging solutions.

Our Tamper Proof Packaging Is Different

Make Your Products Stand Out From The Competition at NRA Show 2023

We offer both single piece and two part tamper evident packaging solutions.

Two-part packages are available in different colours, which enables distinctive packaging that attracts customers to your product.

  • RPET Material
  • Sustainable
  • Reduced Waste
  • 100% RecyclableUses RPET
  • Wide Range of Sizes
  • Distinctive Designs
  • Attractive to Customers
  • Easy Handling

Our tamper evident food packaging  is made from RPET as part of our inline production recycling system. The designs reduce raw material use and waste, so they are highly cost-effective.

We offer standard sizes ranging from individual portions to party-packs. Ergonomic design with minimal ribbing makes our packages easy to handle, strong and stable for stacking. No additional sleeving or wrapping is required.

Food Safety



South Plastic - Truly Biodegradable Plastic Packaging with Cycle +

Fully Biodegradable Packaging Cycle +

Not only is our range of Ultra Clear PP lighter, stronger, as clear as PET, and fully recyclable, by including Cycle+ additives it becomes completely biodegradable in the natural environment. Cycle+ is the future of biodegradable plastic packaging technology.

  • Protect Brand Reputation
  • Demonstrate High Ethical Standards
  • Positive Environmental Impact

Unlike previous attempts to manufacture biodegradable plastic packaging, which are often not genuinely biodegradable and also suffer from quality and performance problems, Cycle+ does not affect the performance of food packaging manufactured using this revolutionary additive, and it demonstrates a commitment to the highest standards of sustainable manufacturing.

  • Same Product Performance & Function
  • Use Existing Supply Chain & Manufacturing Process
  • Easy Implementation

Cycle+ plastics break down naturally in the environment into harmless wax after a pre-programmed time has passed, but retain full strength and utility until this happens. Cycle+ uses Biotransformation™ technology to achieve this without requiring specialist processing or treatments. Supply chain and manufacturing processes are unaffected by adopting Cycle+ technology.

Fully Tested & Approved For Food Quality Standards

Ultra Clear Cycle+ also meets or exceeds global quality standards for food contact packaging as well as standards for biodegradation, including toxicity testing to ensure that it breaks down harmlessly in the natural environment.

  • FDA & EU Approved Food Contact Biodegradable Plastic Packaging
  • Compliance With Biodegradation Standards
  • Eco-Toxicity Tested
National restaurant Association NRA Show 2022 Chicago

South Plastic - A Full Range of Sustainable Packaging Solutions for Your Business

We only manufacture fully recyclable plastic packaging, but we are now able to offer the unique properties of our Cycle + product range that is especially valuable for those requiring takeaway for packaging or microwave safe solutions.Please contact us or select one of the product categories below to find out more about the types of solutions we can offer your company.

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