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Dear Business Partners,

As the global outbreak of coronavirus continues to spread, South Plastic Industry has been very carefully monitoring the spread of the coronavirus from the beginning of the pandemic. We wanted to share how we are addressing the challenge to ensure that the safety and health of our employees and their families is prioritized.

We have created an internal preventative procedure to ensure safety to our employees and maintain our factory operates during covid-19, and implementing preventative policies in line with government regulation of country in which we operate. So far, we have taken the following central actions to support and protect our people:

  • Suspended all non-essential intercompany and international meetings, plant visiting and travel
  • Suspended external conferences, plant tours and participation in trade shows. Replaced by video conference with customers and factory employees
  • Set up a dedicated an instant group communication on our colleagues for covid-19 information and others
  • Communicated hygiene policies and information to employees and other cooperative suppliers
  • Implemented daily temperature measurement for our office/factory’s employees , report daily whereabouts and maintain social distancing , with mask and hand wash , strengthen safety procedures and publicize to our all employees
  • office employees work from home in necessary emergencies for safety

Our business priority is to keep our services and products flowing to our customers while strictly following the rules and guidelines established by local administrations.
We thank all our people and ask everyone who is connected to our business to stay safe, to concern and to support each other.

At this time we need more collaboration, teamwork and support our communities and others, such as used our produced PET sheet to make face shields and donating to our local medical staff and the Tzu Chi Foundation in Japan/U.S.

South Plastic Industry is there to support you in keeping with the spirit of our mission : “ Integrity supreme, quality and service first”.

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