New release – Safety Pack TE24

TE24 is two-piece rectangular Safety Pack container, Bento size and style, designed to stack steadily, suitable for C-store and fast food supply to pack and service cold noodles, salads and light meals for lunch.

Transparent and black bases are optional. The transparent one is crystal clear to fully display the bright colors and freshness of fruits and vegetables; the black one presents quality and taste to be favored by office and business people.

About SPI
√ S – Smile
√ P – Passion
√ I – Innovation

Keeping food safe and fresh is of top importance. Our great consideration is always given to the users’ need in safety, aesthetic and convenience. A Smile is what we wish when you open SPI containers.

Being dedicated to the ever-growing food industry, Passion is our fundamental energy to provide top quality products and solutions to customers; as well as to keep our business thrive and sustainable.

Innovation is a huge driving factor to a better world. We faithfully believe we can help make a better world by utilizing innovative technologies and materials with environment conscience.


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