What we do against COVID-19

As coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to deteriorate throughout the world, SPI strictly implements various safety measurements to factory management besides compliant of BRC, HACCP, ISO22000 etc. health and safety regulations. The best efforts are put in place to minimize safety risks and keep supply uninterrupted.

At SPI, the safety and sanitation has never been more critical in our people’s daily work and life. They are urged to wash hands frequently, wear mask, sterilize with alcohol, monitor body temperature and be educated protection measurements of travelling overseas or epidemic areas in order to prevent the spread of virus. All these efforts are to ensure our continuous supply and service to our loyal and honored customers.

To stay alert as the situation evolves relating to COVID-19, the SafetyPack provided by SPI with TE function will minimize the risks of container being opened and food being touched. SafetyPack helps you buy food fresh and safe, keep it safe and eat it safe.

Safety Pack, Safety life
SPI cares for you!

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