SPI Products Unaffected by Canadian Single Use Plastic Food Packaging Ban

Our recyclable and naturally biodegradable plastic food packaging meets the sustainability criteria of Canadian legislation.

SPI Products Unaffected by Canadian Single Use Plastic Food Packaging Ban

The Canadian government has recently announced a ban on all non-sustainable plastic packaging. This follows a series of recent changes in country, regional and global legislation to control plastic waste and protect the environment. Single-use plastics are the first target, but following recent UN legislation we can expect all plastic packaging to be affected.

At South Plastic we have always been ahead of the trend towards meeting consumer and legislator demands for greener packaging. SPI have confirmed that our plastic food packaging products are exempt from the Canadian ban because they are recyclable and/or naturally biodegradable without the production of microplastics.

All SPI products carry the international recycling mark, and are manufactured from plastics that are easy to recycle. In addition, our Cycle+™ products are both recyclable and biodegrade in the natural environment through Biotransformation ® without releasing harmful micro-plastics that pollute the world’s oceans.

What Are The 6 Single-Use Plastics Banned In Canada?

SPI Products Unaffected by Canadian Single Use Plastic Food Packaging Ban

  • checkout bags
  • cutlery
  • foodservice ware made from or containing problematic plastics
  • ring carriers
  • stir sticks
  • straws

A notable feature of the Canadian legislation that we welcome is that oxy-biodegradable products are included in the ban. The reason for this is that although oxy-biodegradable plastics break down in the environment, they create harmful micro-plastics.

The Canadian government has issued clear guidance on alternatives to single-use plastics. Our recyclable and biodegradable plastics all meet or exceed the requirements set in Canada, and offer sustainable and satisfactory alternatives as other countries implement single-use plastics bans.

Clarifying Standards Of Biodegradable Plastic Food Packaging

At South Plastic we have recognized the harm caused by biodegradable claims for products that still produce microplastics or require special treatments. These are issues that have also been raised by Greenpeace and the United Nations. The Canadian government has taken note of these issues and we expect others to follow.

Our Cycle+™ Biotransformation ® formulation uses revolutionary microbe-based processes to convert plastics into harmless natural by-products. Biotransformation ® does not produce micro-plastics and does not require special treatment, but breaks down naturally within 2 years of environmental exposure.

Recyclable & Biodegradable Plastic Food Packaging That Meets All Sustainability Targets

SPI Products Unaffected by Canadian Single Use Plastic Food Packaging Ban

  • The same performance as conventional plastics
  • Conforms to new certification standards
  • Biodegradable without microplastic production
  • Can be easily recycled

Cycle+™ is the only biodegradable option available for sustainable plastic food packaging that does not compromise on the performance and recyclability of food packaging, and meets the new biodegradable certification standards. Cycle+™ containers retain structural strength, durability, and recycling options for their preset working life.

The Cycle+™ One-Stop Solution For Biodegradable Plastic Food Packaging

SPI Products Unaffected by Canadian Single Use Plastic Food Packaging Ban

South Plastic gives food manufacturers and distributors the option of meeting all sustainable targets and legislation requirements in a single plastic food packaging product without fuss and without concerns over future brand damage caused by microplastic pollution. Available in Ultraclear, Tamper Evident, and Microwave Safe configurations to meet any requirement.

Choosing Cycle+™ plastic packaging supports the circular economy of recycling by giving the option of biodegradation in landfill. Cycle+™ retains the excellent quality standards of strength, look and feel that people have come to expect from South Plastic food packaging, and meets legislative standards including the Canadian single-use plastics exemptions.

Contact us to discover how we can enable you to conform to new and emerging legislation for sustainable food packaging without compromising on performance or disrupting existing packaging processes and supply chains.

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