Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

Customers want tamper proof packaging that ensures food safety. This is why tamper proof packaging for fruit containers is of the highest importance in the food packaging industry. South Plastic manufactures a range of innovative, patented, tamper resistant and tamper evident designs for tamper proof plastic fruit container packaging.

Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

What is tamper resistant packaging?

  1. Tamper evident seals make it obvious if plastic food packaging has been opened
  2. Vents are designed to prevent needle insertion into fruit containers

Why do we need tamper proof packaging for fruit containers?

In 2018 Australian consumers found needles in packs of strawberries from a farm on the Sunshine Coast, and pins were discovered inserted in loaves of bread in the southwestern German town of Offenburg. Food tampering is a serious problem. Tamper proof packaging protects you and your brand from the costs of product recalls and compensation.

Tamper evident two piece containers from South Plastic

Two piece containers are particularly difficult to make tamper evident, but at South Plastic we have designed a unique safety pack two piece tamper evident series. The tamper evident lid securely fits to any desired base size for maximum convenience and flexibility.

Eight ways South Plastic tamper evident fruit containers are better for your business

  1. Patented safety lock is easy to break without leaving a tear-off strip
  2. Smooth edged safety lock is easy to operate without scratching hands.
  3. Patented 16 Air-vent holes around the top of the container maintain freshness and extend shelf life.
  4. Air-vents prevent needles from being inserted into fruit.
  5. Unique space-saving stackable structural design
  6. Standard capacities of 24oz and 36oz for a wide variety of fruit
  7. Capacity size can also be customized.
  8. Proportions of 30%, 50%, 70%, and 100% post-consumer recycled PET (RPET) can be provided according to your requirements

How South Plastic tamper proof packaging improves food safety

At South Plastic we manufacture a comprehensive range of tamper proof fruit containers for food packaging. Our patented designs contribute to consumer expectations of tamper proof packaging by being tamper evident, and making it impossible to insert needles without damaging the packaging.

1. SPI tamper proof packaging shows if it has been opened

Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

Our patented tamper evident safety lock system makes fruit container tampering obvious but also enables food packaging to be securely closed for convenience and reuse. Our system has the benefit of not relying on a tear off strip, which reduces potential littering and waste.

2. SPI tamper proof packaging vent design prevents needle insertion

Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

Needles cannot be easily inserted through our innovative air vent designs. This is because the vents are positioned at the side of the container where the lid is fitted to the base. It is impossible to insert a needle into the fruit container without damaging it – another genuinely tamper evident design from South Plastic.

What are four features of South Plastic tamper evident food packaging?

  1. Securely locked
  2. Clear evidence of tampering
  3. No tear off strip
  4. Needles cannot be inserted through vents without damaging the package

The South Plastic recycling advantage in plastic food packaging manufacturing

Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

You can build even more consumer confidence in your brand by manufacturing tamper evident fruit containers from post consumer recovered (PCR), post industrial recovered (PIR) and recycled PET (RPET) for significant gains in environmental sustainability.

What are Post Consumer Recycled (PCR) & Post Industrial Recycled (PIR) plastics?

PCR plastics have been used by consumers before being recovered for recycling and reuse. PIR plastics are recovered from the manufacturing process, ensuring that production scrap and trimmings will not be wasted. Both methods help to reduce plastics going to landfill.

What’s the difference between PET and RPET?

PET is Polyethylene terephthalate. Packaging made of PET is embossed with identification code 1 to show 100% recyclability. PET is widely used for beverage bottles and plastic food packaging.


RPET is recycled PET. Using RPET in manufacturing new packaging reduces the volume of plastics going to landfill or causing microplastic pollution of our oceans. RPET is more environmentally friendly than PET.

What are the benefits of manufacturing plastic food packaging with PCR RPET?

  • Reducing global carbon and contributing to net zero carbon emissions
  • Reducing greenhouse gas emissions by saving energy used in manufacturing
  • Protecting the natural environment from pollution
  • Turning polluting plastic waste into a renewable resource
  • Reducing demand for oil extraction in plastic raw material production
  • Building positive corporate brand values in sustainability and environmental protection

Why is South Plastic’s PCR RPET packaging your best solution?

All our PET packaging can be manufactured using PCR RPET percentages of 30%, 50%, 70% or 100% depending on customer requirements. We also offer a unique 2-piece safety pack design, with a convenient standard lid fitting all container sizes.

What makes South Plastic tamper proof packaging unique?

Is Tamper Proof Packaging For Fruit Containers Possible?

Three design features make South Plastic tamper proof packaging unique

  1. Patented vent hole design prevents needle insertion or other tampering
  2. Patented safety lock makes broken seals clearly visible
  3. Two piece designs for ultimate convenience

We are experts in customizing fruit container packaging for minimal material designs to reduce material requirements and costs. We have also perfected in-loop waste recycling for sustainable PIR manufacturing.

Contact us to learn about our one-stop solution for your tamper evident, recyclable, biodegradable, and microwave safe plastic food packaging needs. No matter what your fruit container or plastic food packaging requirements, we can provide you with the best solution.

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