SPI Tamper Proof Food Packaging Unaffected by UK Single Use Packaging Ban

Recyclable and biodegradable plastic food packaging includes world leading sustainable options for tamper proof packaging.

SPI Tamper Proof Food Packaging Unaffected by UK Single Use Packaging Ban

Recent legislation passed in the UK to ban all single use plastic and polystyrene food packaging from 23 October 2023 is set to send shockwaves through the plastic packaging industry. The far-reaching ban is intended to reduce harmful pollution by non-biodegradable and unrecycled plastic food packaging, and includes a promise to increase responsible recycling and reuse incentives for sustainable packaging alternatives.

How do new UK regulations affect plastic food packaging?

  • Complete ban on all single use plastic food packaging in the UK
  • UK ban on single use plastic food packaging will be implemented on 23 October 2023
  • Ban will not apply to pre-packaged shelf items, which will be subject to further legislation
  • Adds to 2022 legislation to tax plastic food packaging manufactured with less than 30% recycled material

South Plastic Tamper Proof Food Packaging: A Case Study in Producer Responsibility

SPI Tamper Proof Food Packaging Unaffected by UK Single Use Packaging Ban

The rise in incidents of food tampering in recent years, and public concerns over food safety and contamination, have made tamper proof plastic food packaging the global standard that people expect for pre-packaged food containers.


Single use bans may affect point-of-sale packaging, and future and emerging legislation adds producer responsibility charges for tamper proof plastic food packaging that is not made of recycled or recyclable materials.


Our recyclable and biodegradable tamper proof packaging solutions demonstrate to people purchasing your food products that you are committed to actively safeguarding the environment as well as protecting your customers from food tampering.

Can we anticipate legislation for sustainable tamper proof packaging?

SPI Tamper Proof Food Packaging Unaffected by UK Single Use Packaging Ban

The UK Government says in its statement on the legislation to ban single use plastics in England that although the current ban does not affect pre-packaged food, future legislation on Producer Responsibility will apply to pre-packaged food items to incentivize sustainable food packaging technology.


The ban will not apply to plates, trays, and bowls that are used as packaging in shelf-ready pre-packaged food items, as these will be included in our plans for an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme – which will incentivize producers to use packaging that can be recycled and meet higher recycling targets. For example, this would include pre-packaged salad bowls and bowls filled with food at the counter of a takeaway.


At South Plastic we innovate to anticipate the impact of future legislation on our customers and that is why we manufacture a wide range of plastic food packaging made from recycled and recyclable plastics including our signature tamper-evident packaging. We also offer biodegradable plastic food packaging options on many of our plastic food packaging products.

Our history of excellence in innovative tamper proof designs

SPI Tamper Proof Food Packaging Unaffected by UK Single Use Packaging Ban

South Plastic tamper proof designs have been developed over our long history of product design innovation and manufacturing of plastic food packaging to suit all possible requirements. Our tamper proof plastic food packaging demonstrates it is possible to anticipate future legislation and be sustainable without compromising on looks, features, and functionality.


We use our extremely transparent Ultraclear PP for tray lids to enhance the visual appeal of food, with greater clarity than PET and easily recycled. We’re also happy to produce customized designs to follow market trends.

8 reasons our tamper proof plastic food packaging is so popular with our customers

  1. Recyclable plastics for sustainability & easy disposal
  2. Durable, sturdy construction
  3. Customer focused convenience option of lid separate from base
  4. Secure, tamper evident lids are easy to use with no tear-off strip
  5. Resealable packaging to keep food fresh
  6. Cold-storage anti-fogging treatment
  7. Microwave safe options
  8. Naturally biodegradable options with Cycle+

Why is South Plastic food packaging your best option?

We manufacture a wide range of tamper proof and microwave safe plastic food packing in recyclable and biodegradable materials. Our unique tamper proof packaging solutions even include a 2-piece safety pack design, ideal for fruit containers, with a universal fit lid design for all sizes.

What makes South Plastic sustainable packaging unique?

We have developed our own in-loop waste recycling system for sustainable post industrial recycled (PIR) plastics manufacturing, and are also experts in manufacturing using post consumer recovered (PCR) plastics for plastic food packaging.


South Plastic’s innovative recyclable and genuinely biodegradable minimal material designs increase consumer confidence in the sustainability of your brand without compromising on strength, performance or durability.


Contact us to discover our one-stop solution for all your plastic food packaging. We are confident we can offer you the best options in the market today for greener, legislation-ready plastic packaging no matter what your requirements are.

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